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Ottawa Weather

Ottawa Weather

Canada's Capital Region experiences typical Canadian weather, with snowy winters and warm summers. The city also welcomes a mild spring season and a pleasant fall. Find current weather information for Ottawa and take a quick look at average monthly temperatures.

Average Daily Highs and Lows
Month High Low
January -5°C/ 23°F -15°C/ 5°F
February -4°C/ 25°F -13°C/ 9°F
March 2°C/ 36°F -6°C/ 21°F
April 11°C/ 52°F 0°C/ 32°F
May 19°C/ 66°F 7°C/ 45°F
June 24°C/ 75°F 12°C/ 54°F
July 26°C/ 79°F 15°C/ 59°F
August 25°C/ 77°F 14°C/ 57°F
September 20°C/ 68°F 9°C/48°F
October 13°C/ 55°F 3°C/ 37°F
November 5°C/ 41°F -2°C/ 28°F
December -3°C/ 27°F -11°C/ 12°F

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